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My projects are influenced by fairy tales and world mythology. I use art as a basis for sharing personal stories and investigating the role of mythology throughout history using the medium of photography.  My projects revolve around invented otherworldly characters as they interact with strange and dream-like natural environments. The characters are inspired either by specific places or conversations I’ve had with the models themselves. I consider them to be a bit of a collaboration between the model and myself as we build a snippet of time when the rules of nature have changed.


Tonia Klein received her Bachelor of Fine Art in Painting from the Milwaukee Institute of Art &Design in 2007. Klein studied abroad at the Burren College of Art in County Clare, Ireland, during her education. In 2016, Klein had a solo exhibition at the Ploch Gallery at the Sharon Lynn Wilson Center for the Arts. Klein had her first solo international exhibition, Recurrence, at Flash Atölye in Izmir, Turkey, in January 2013. That exhibition was funded by the Mary L Nohl Travel Suitcase Grant. Klein exhibits both nationally and regionally. Her work has been published in the textbook Vision-Problems, Mother Goosed: Twisted Rhymes for Modern Times and Vain magazine. Tonia Klein is a founding member of the Cudahy Art Coalition.


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